We build price-comparison tools

Here's a selection:

Bank Account Savings
Work out which bank accounts you should use, and how to fulfil minimum pay-in requirements to make super dosh

A collection of tools to help you find eBay deals

Find awesome deals on nappies, wipes and more

Free Book Finder
Grab free Amazon kindle books

New Wheels
Help find a car on eBay

Sanitary Saver
Comparison tool for sanitary products

Super Saver Delivery
Find a product to get you over the £20 magic free delivery line

What Droplet
Find the cheapest Digital Ocean Droplet for your needs

How-to guides

We also use this space to braindump stuff that we use from time to time. Hope it's useful to some.


Centos 6 - Expired Let's Encrypt Root Certificate

Cloud Server Scripts

Debugging random crashes

How to shrink a Digital Ocean droplet


memcached - allow storing objects larger than 1MB

Migrate to CentOS Stream

Mount a FTP server

OpenNebula KVM on Centos 8

Performance testing servers

Running a distribution list with sendmail and support SPF

Updating packages on CentOS 6.10

Updating sudo on CentOS 6

Wipe NVMe drive


Bonding Broadband Lines


Database Query Performance Monitoring

Find MySQL tables without a primary key

GPG Keys for MySQL 8

Migrate from CentOS Yum to MySQL Yum

MySQL - binlog compression

MySQL - finding large tables

MySQL - settings check

MySQL - skip a replicated transaction

MySQL 8 - sha2 password component

MySQL Database Schema Management

Optimize all MySQL tables

Percona XtraBackup

Purge MySQL Binary Logs

Skip a replicated transaction

[MY-012961] [InnoDB] Only one log file found


Bringing back functions removed from PHP 7

Building PHP8

Pear DB - Connection compression

PHP Dead Code Detector

PHP HTTP performance tricks

PHP Static Analysis Tool - PHP STAN

PHP Substring Function

PHP-FPM Coredumps

Scraping in PHP

Scraping Single Page Apps

XDebug performance stats of PHP code

XML to Arrays in PHP


Compressing CSS and JS for live

HTTP/2 Presentation

Observing DOM changes


Screen Recording in Windows 10

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