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Bank Account Savings
Work out which bank accounts you should use, and how to fulfil minimum pay-in requirements to make super dosh

A collection of tools to help you find eBay deals

Find awesome deals on nappies, wipes and more

Find your next laptop

Free Book Finder
Grab free Amazon kindle books

New Wheels
Help find a car on eBay

Sanitary Saver
Comparison tool for sanitary products

Super Saver Delivery
Find a product to get you over the £25 magic free delivery line

How-to guides

We also use this space to braindump stuff that we use from time to time.
Hope it's useful to some.


Apache rewrite rule spaces bug

Centos 6 - Expired Let's Encrypt Root Certificate

Cloud Server Scripts

Debugging random crashes

Digital Ocean Daily Snapshots

How to shrink a Digital Ocean droplet


memcached - allow storing objects larger than 1MB

Migrate to CentOS Stream

Mount a FTP server

Ohme API

OpenNebula KVM on Centos 8

Performance testing servers

Rebuild SSH keys

Running a distribution list with sendmail and support SPF

Updating packages on CentOS 6.10

Updating sudo on CentOS 6

Wipe NVMe drive


Bonding Broadband Lines


Database Query Performance Monitoring

Find MySQL tables without a primary key

GPG Keys for MySQL 8

Migrate from CentOS Yum to MySQL Yum

MySQL - binlog compression

MySQL - finding large tables

MySQL - settings check

MySQL - skip a replicated transaction

MySQL 8 - sha2 password component

MySQL Database Schema Management

Optimize all MySQL tables

Percona XtraBackup

Purge MySQL Binary Logs

Show table histograms

Skip a replicated transaction

[MY-012961] [InnoDB] Only one log file found


Bringing back functions removed from PHP 7

Building PHP8

Pear DB - Connection compression

PHP Dead Code Detector

PHP HTTP performance tricks

PHP Static Analysis Tool - PHP STAN

PHP Substring Function

PHP-FPM Coredumps

Scraping in PHP

Scraping Single Page Apps

Soliscloud PHP implementation

XDebug performance stats of PHP code

XML to Arrays in PHP


Compressing CSS and JS for live

HTTP/2 Presentation

Observing DOM changes


Screen Recording in Windows 10

Trees for life

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