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Mount a FTP server

Some of the hosting providers we use provide a FTP backup solution.

This is useful for storing backups and other data outside of your server estate.

CurlFtpFS provides the ability to mount these FTP connections directly and treat them as normal folders.

Unfortunately this package isn't available as part of the CentOS 8 or Epel 8 repositories.

To install, just run the following:

yum install fuse
rpm -ivh

You can then create a directory and mount it as appropriate:

mkdir /directory

curlftpfs -o user=username:password ftpserver /directory

To enable this folder to be mounted automatically, you can add the following entry to your /etc/fstab file:

curlftpfs#username:password@ftpserver /directory fuse _netdev,rw,allow_other,auto,user 0 0

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