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Ohme API

We've recently have solar panels & batteries installed alongside an Ohme Home Pro charger.
The dream was to only charge our EV from solar, but it's a pain to continuously monitor the solar and battery levels and start/stop the charge.

Instead, we now use the Soliscloud API ( to monitor the panels and battery, and the undocumented Ohme API to start/stop the charge.

We can now start and stop the charge when the battery has enough electrons stored up.

To discover the Ohme API, we utilised Android Studio to spin up a virtual device running Android 6 (API 23 - before SSL pinning was available) and installed the latest Ohme API APK from apkpure

We then setup a proxy using mitmproxy and watched the requests come in.

You first have to grab an idToken from (you can store this to re-use), then pass the token in a GET request to This lists all the current charging sessions.

You can then make a POST request to{sessionId}/resume or{sessionId}/stop to start or stop the charge.

You pass the token (a 900-ish character string) in by means of an Authorization header in the form: ['Authorization', 'Firebase '.$token]

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